Help us

We want world peace,
we want this world free.
Please join us,
We need your help,
every single man counts,
every soul is a helping hand
…on our way.

(on our way)

I am with Greenpeace,
I love the nature,
but look at the world around,
you know it’s dying,
So please help us
to save it for you,
…and for the future.

(for the future)

Forget the world wars,
now let’s live in peace
Go and find friends,
We’re searching for you.
Do not hurt your partners,
But help to make
a community!

(a community)

Don’t care who are you,
look who are we (everybody)!
We’re going the right way,
You can come with us.
Just give a helping hand,
We have a place for you
in our glory march.

(in our glory march)